Here’s how dental implants work(1)A dental implant is a surgical component that is used to provide strength to the crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis, or to act as an orthodontic anchor. It is also used to support one or more false teeth. It takes a long procedure to be implanted as well. A consultation with the dentist will help you understand if you need one or not. The dentist will suggest whether you need a dental implant, what type you need, and how long it will take. First of all, the dentist will examine the entire set of teeth you have as well as see the X-ray, CT scan, etc.

Then the dentist will examine the quantity or quality of the jawbone. After all the examinations, a place will be decided where your dental implant will be placed. This whole process is known as the examination process.

After this, the first thing that your dentist will do is tooth extraction. In most cases, dental implants might harm the existing tooth. After the tooth extraction “alveolar bone graft” will be used as a solid base of bone for the implant.

This procedure can be replaced with another process called “Onlay bone graft” it happens when there is no tooth and bone. It requires a different procedure. It also takes two to six months for healing.

The easiest process is called the “immediate implant process”. In this process patient on the day of the appointment will get his tooth extracted and the implant is also placed on the same day. This is a quick process and happens when the tooth is damaged but the jawbone is enough for the implant. The immediate implant is placed on the upper jaw which is called Maxilla. When a strong bone is present already then it means the site is ready for an implant. It is usually placed with some tools and drilling. The next step is the placement of a healing cap which is placed over the implant. After this healing process starts.

Healing process

The healing process starts and it depends on the strength of the bone and the quality of the bone. The healing process takes six months or more than that. Most importantly in the process of healing dentist will suggest not to put any stress or force on the implant.  After the healing process, the dental implant is tested to ensure whether it is healed successfully or not. After the examination or confirmation, the other procedure will start which is called “crown”. It is made to fit the dental implant .(2)

Last long: – The research shows that the dental implant might last for more than 20 years as it depends on our use. If we don’t put any stress or strain on the dental implant we might keep it for long. It will depend upon certain things like.

  • Oral hygiene practice.
  • Location of the implant.
  • General health.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Usage of teeth.

If we use floss or brush our teeth twice a day, and regularly visit the dental office dental implant will be long-lasting.

The next one is chewing hard things or items that will also cause the breaking of the crown. It will affect the life of dental implants.

The other factor is going to an experienced dentist if surgery is performed under a professional dentist it would stay last long.

After this, the smokers and drinkers who drink heavily, have more chances to break or damage the crown as well as implants. If we want our dental implants to last longer and stronger then refrain from drinking and smoking.

The location of a dental implant in our mouth also determines longevity. If a dental implant is positioned at the back it will receive more pressure so the dental implant might fail quickly. However, since we don’t use our front teeth to grind or chew anything hard, front implants might last longer.

Dental implant

Facts: – As we know dental implants is a process in which we remove one tooth or several teeth. The basic goal of tooth replacement can also be done via:

  • Denture
  • Dental bridge.
  • Dental implant.


It is an inexpensive process as compared to a dental bridge or dental implant, but it is an inconvenient process. Moreover, this process can also have an adverse effect on the taste buds.

Dental bridge:

It is a more common option but it can affect the original tooth of the mouth. Deciding on options from these we must know:

  • Preference of the patient.
  • Quality of jaw bone.
  • Location of the tooth.

When any person goes through dental surgery he/she must consider these options and should consult the dentist as well.

Failure rate:

Dental implants have a high success rate but people could suffer from the failure as well. As the research shows that the 5 to 10 percent of dental implants fail worldwide. However, whether it will fail after one month or years depends on various factors.






RR = 1.56




RR = 2.7




RR = 2.75


Easton therapy


RR = 2.55


The chart shows the relative risks of dental implant failure associated with different factors.

Cost: – Cost of dental implant depends upon various factors like the region or the type of procedure. The estimated rate for single teeth would be $ 250 – $ 450. This includes the surgery, placement appointment and implant crown, etc.

Costa Rica: – This might be one of the best places to get your implants. It costs only about $650 for an ordinary dental procedure. These are the major facts that make Costa Rica the best worldwide. In 2019 Singapore had the highest cost for dental implants worldwide. It charges about 2700 U.S Dollars. The U.S is the second most expensive country for dental implants worldwide. It provides the best treatment for dental implants.

Cota Rica, Mexico, and Thailand provide dental implants at very cheap prices as compared to the European countries.

Conclusion: – Overall we can say that the dental implant failure rate is very low. There are some conditions that can increase the rate of dental implant failure as mentioned above. However, if we overcome that risk the dental implant should last long.