Every person have some sort of problem, whether it’s small or big is a different debate. Some people are born with disabilities such as incomplete body parts and/or organs. Many people suffer from some disease that might not be fully curable. These problems include heart problems, lung problems, or failure of kidneys, missing of any parts or organ and loss of hearing etc. Hearing problem is also getting very significant these days. In early ages, there was no equipment which would help them hear the voice clearly. But with the help of advancement in science and technology, it greatly helped in sorting out such problems.

There are many tools which are very useful for those persons who are unable to hear. These tools help them hear the sound clearly. These devices are widely used as medical devices in many parts of the world and these are available in several types and shapes. These devices are composed of small audio amplifiers such as PSAPS and more. In early ages, the devices consisted of ear trumpets which consists of passive amplification cones whose function was to collect the surrounding sound energy and send it to ear canal directly. (1)

According to audio metrical and cognitive rules, the modern devices are computerized based on electroacoustic system that helps to make the surrounding sound audible. Many modern devices improved their quality such as they manage their devices with digital signals which help to improve speech intelligibility that gives great help to users in listening.

Hearing aids brands

There are many brands that are ever researching to make hearing aids more advanced. There is a huge competition between all of them. Many brands are reliable to use and the persons who is unable to hear, make them to listen the voice of surrounding with the help of audible technology. Here is described list by audiologists, the best six brands of hearing aid models.

  • Phonak paradise.
  • Signia Pure Charge and Go X.
  • Phonak Lyric.
  • Resound One.
  • Widex Moment.
  • Starkey livio Al.

Phonak paradise: Is one of the most famous hearing aid devices and probably the most advanced as well. Let’s discuses some pros and cons of Phonak Paradise.

Pros: It makes sound quality clear and crisp and has the ability to connect 8 devices with Bluetooth in which 2 devices can be connected at the same time. It has done a great deal of work on motion sensor hearing and the cancellation of dynamic noise. It also works with remote for distant fitting and their follow up checkups.

Cons: There are some drawbacks and also as it lacks where noise is increased and its network is slow. To connected with my Phonak app.

Signia Pure Charge: This product is very useful and this brand makes the high quality audible hearing aids, which provides a next level of hearing aids.

Phonak Lyric: As compared to Phonak Paradise, the company launches Phonak Lyric 4 which is very good for hearing. It has greatly improved to help guard against earwax. Its size is smaller than other devices for even more comfort in ear. It has good reliability and its rate of fitting is also very reliable.

Resound One: The outstanding device of hearing aids because it uses the good charger case that introduce Quattro. Its case is durable which can be fit in pocket or bag easily with three chargers. Its battery timing is very good as it provides 30 hours with only one charge.

Widex Moment: This brand is very good with many latest features including automatic program switching and superior sound quality.

Starkey Livio Al: It is a well-known company which was established in 1967 by Bill Austin. It is most familiar for its designs, development and distribution. It is the only American owned company which provides hearing technologies at such an advanced level.

Hearing aid prices (2) 

The prices of hearing aid are generally high because of the technology and material used. As the technology develops, it changes the rates of the product as well. The prices may vary on the basis of their specifications. Higher technology demands higher prices. They can range from just $ 10.00 to up to $6,000 for each device. The cost of hearing aids depends greatly on the making on their quality. When it comes to cost, there are some factors that affects the cost of hearing aids? The main and first factor that in purchasing of hearing aid is the technology level and the features which are included in it.

The prices of hearing aid are steady nowadays because the fact that the development rate has increased day by day. Many companies are making most of the products for the ease and comfort of hearing loss patients. To accomplish this task, they are making such products which are low in cost and have the best noise pollution which reduces the effect on the patient’s hearing. As the price decreases, it will contain lower features as well.

Purchasing and manufactures of Hearing aid

Audiologists are the professional health care doctors. Their work is to eliminate and diagnose the problem and treat the conditions regarding hearing loss. They refer the best nearing aid equipment which help their patients to live a healthy life. Phonak tries to improve the people’s quality of life with hearing impairment.

Oticon is a well-known manufacture of hearing aids with many shareholders. RE Sound is the technology who launches advanced hearing aids in the market. Their engineering talent is most sophisticated and they provide the hearing instruments that help to enhance the quality of life of those patients that are suffering from hearing loss.


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