These are the type of alarms which are used on the time medical danger. If someone feels the danger, he/she presses the button and this button is connected with associated companies. For example, if you are in danger and want some external help, then this is very useful. This button is used when you feel the signal of danger or need some medical help urgently. The term Medical alarms is also known as Personal Emergency Response System.

In this system, transmitters are used and they can be activated only where the emergency is required. When you feel any hazard around you, you must activate the system by pressing the button. This system is connected to the companies who are monitoring you via signals or any phone number. (1) These companies are attached to a medical emergency and other phone numbers which are officially programmed. When the alarm is being rung, the medical workers are sent immediately to the spot where alarm is pushed.

Different types of medical alarms

For the alarms, there are many devices that can be used for alarms or activating the monitoring companies such as detectors which are located in a room must be connected to radar, band on wrist, sensory detectors in a house which detect motion or it may be in any other form. The working of these devices is to receive some action by the user. Then they feel the intensity of the alarm and then approach the final point from where the alarm is rung. (2)

Medical alarms for elders

There are a few types of personal alarms that are for specially designed for older people and are used when something unexpected happens. These personal alarms may be wrist watch or just like pendants. This can be used by anybody who is having any danger such as medical issues, random fall, poor health and any other problem. On the other hand, the alarm which is designed for elders can be pressed from anywhere or anytime. Because the alarm for elders have different features as compared to older one, they have usually feature with a full clear and big button. This button may be connected with home to alert other people at home. By sound either it is connected to the monitoring team that works 24/7 for giving their customers full security and safety.

This button may also be connected to the pre- decided neighbor or relative. Or if you are suffering with medical issues then you should call an ambulance. The function of elderly alarm is to save your elder one at home in the absence of remaining family members. Due to the current situation, this is the good choice for the safety of older people. Many times you can’t go to visit your parents. Then this is a good option for your parents to have personal alarm which may be in the form of wrist watch or pendent wearing in neck. This device then helps you to be sure that your parents are safe all the time no matter if they are facing medical issues or any other emergency.

Top medical alert system and devices

According to CDCP, it is estimated that one person out of every four falls away from their home every year. Those who fall about 20% can inflict serious injuries like broken bone; if they injure the head then it became more serious e.g. head trauma. And if the person falls again and again, they may experience another fall in future. The falling has no way to prevent a person as it could suddenly happen. That’s why it seems to be difficult to give early help for the person who falls. At this situation the medical alarm is considered as an invaluable device. This alert system makes elders independent as they could be alone at home.

If they fall or have other issues, the medical alarm system for seniors helps them to provide first aid. That helps them from any serious or long-term injury. Many companies are reliable in the medical alarms field while other companies mislead you just to earn the profit from you by demanding the hidden fee and charges. Here is the list of some companies which help you to select the reputable and trustworthy team on your door step to provide full convenience to you and your family. These companies have an affordable fee against the services they provide.

Mobile help

This company is best for those who have no landline number. Its price starts at the range of $19.95. It has free lock box. In this feature, there is no need of landline.

Rescue Touch

This company is best for Two-Way communication. Its price range starts from $99. It can provide the monthly fall detection to their customers with zero charges.

Medical Alert

It is best for those who want low startup costs. Its price range starts at $18.28. Its working range is very suitable as it works at the range of four hundred feet. It charges the customers no starting fee.

Here are some specific points which could help you to find the best medical alert system. If companies do not have the qualification or their working criteria like these points, then you should double check your decision of buying a medical alarm from them. There are some considerations to select a good medical alarm:

  • Any company is responsible for their own medical alarm system. Retailers are not allowed to sell other companies goods. Hence no complaints against them are considered.
  • All the companies have to design the alarm system that works both at home or on the go.
  • All companies should have live customer support teams which help the customers to save their life over the phone.
  • There should be at least one live agent on the monitoring center to have all the emergency calls or alerts.