What are moving services?

Moving services help you when you decide to move from one place to another. That includes:

Supplying all packing materials and supplies:

You need boxes, tapes, papers or bubble wraps when you want to move your belongings with you to another place. But moving services will provide all such things with no hustle to facilitate your move. They pack everything you want to shift like your furniture, appliances etc.

Packing up your belongings

The most difficult and time consuming task is packing during your move. But now it has become the easiest way with moving services and they literally pack your whole house and shift it with you. They have trained professionals who safely pack your belongings and transport them with full safety. They also shift your valuable and fragile things like glass in safe and secured way.

Furniture disassembly:

They move your furniture in intact form with full care to your final destination. They sometimes require partial or full disassembly as needed and then re-assemble after shifting to the previous form.

Truck loading and Unloading:

Full service movers will load your belongings to the truck after packings, they also load heavy furniture and appliances with care and safety. When you reached your new home they will also unload the truck for you.

Transporting your belongings:

Full moving services will move belongings with you whether you move within the state or move from one country to another. When you stuff reached, you will be provided with a delivery window so you can focus on it and be there when your belongings reaches.


Moving services not only help you with packing of your belongings, they also do unpacking for you. You can focus on other tasks associated with shifting. Moving services will make sure that everything goes smoothly and you can remain tension free.

Disposal of packing materials:

After moving there are a dozen of boxes and cardboard papers in which your belongings were packed, also other materials which required to be disposed off. But you don’t need to worry about that as this task is also done by moving services. They dispose the material in a complete and correct way and will also clean the mess after disposing off. In short if you hire such moving services they will completely take care of everything. You should always hire expert professionals so your move can go smoothly and hustle free.

How much moving services will cost you?

Moving services will depend upon the following for the cost:

  • How many movers you need
  • How much stuff you want to move
  • How far you want to travel with the belongings
  • You require packing material or not as some moving services have this option in the package while some may charge for it.
  • What tasks you want from your movers
  • The time you are moving as sometimes the rates are higher during popular days and seasons, also during holidays

Before hiring a moving service you should get an estimate from at least three companies of moving services so you can easily compare the prices and make a wise decision about hiring them. Cost can be minimised by doing some task by your-self like you can unpack and disposed off the remaining stuff by yourself while allowing the movers to do the rest.

You can expect to pay at least $1,000 when you hire a professional moving service. Moving cost of local household can cost you with the average of $1,250. For the long distance move you can cost you about $4,890. But cost of move also depend upon various factors like distance, weight of stuff, date and time of travel and labor costs etc.

Benefits for hiring a Moving company:  (1)

Here are the six benefits you can get after hiring the moving services during your move:

  1. Moving services have experience in moving for long and short distances.
  2. After hiring moving company you can have peace of mind and make yourself calm.
  3. When you hire a moving services you can actually save your money
  4. You are assure of safety for moving heavy furniture
  5. Peace of mind because you know your belongings are safe and protected
  6. No need to make multiple trips

How to find and hire moving services:

It seems to be daunting to hire a moving company. But after research it will worth it. By doing detailed research you can save up to $1,000 sometimes and many scams can be avoided. Here are some steps to hire moving services:

  • Get recommendations
  • Do an initial screening
  • You should research for at least three to four companies and call up for estimate.
  • When an estimator visits your home you should show him everything
  • Review the estimate
  • When you get the estimate, collect them in the bright board that is hard to lose
  • When all the estimates are given, compare the bids.
  • Now check out the contenders in more detail
  • Now make sure that company you hire should have license and insurance that they can move legally
  • Now call the FMCSA’s safety violation and consumer complain hotline
  • Now you can select the mover and move your belongings where you want to.

Top Moving services (2)

Here are the top 5 moving companies:

International Van lines – overall best

  • World wide availability
  • Short and long term storage options
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Helpful online and over the phone quote process
  • Auto shipping
  • Boat transport
  • Transportation for special items like pianos and hot tubs
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Home cleaning
  • Custom crafting

American Van line – Best for up front pricing

  • Flat rate pricing
  • Binding estimates
  • Price matching
  • Background checked movers
  • Certified for pianos and antique movers
  • Has excellent customer service

Allied Van lines – best customer experience

  • Responsive customer service representative
  • Pleasant in home moving estimate experience
  • Appliances disconnection and reconnection
  • Pricing transparency

North American Van lines – best for customising your move

  • Large network of local moving agents
  • Quick ballpark estimates
  • Excellent moving resources
  • GPS shipment tracking

PODS – best bang for your buck

  • Packing and loading assistance available
  • Locations in most states
  • Weatherproof containers
  • Long and short moving distances
  • Storage services


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