What is Water Damage Restoration? A process in which water is removed from the house and the house is restored into previous pre damaged condition is called water restoration process. When house is damaged with water the restoration process should be done quickly because the water will cause bacteria and mold to grow as long it stands.

Allergies, illness and other health conditions can develop after exposure to this water damage environment. Cleaning of water is a very challenging task it is not as simple kike drying the water that is visible. Home materials are porous. So it allows the water to absorb deeply under the surface. Materials like carpets, drywall and fiber fill insulations may require removal when they are beyond repair. When materials that are porous dried they can still grow mold and bacteria that will cause genuine problems hardly to ignore.

IIRCR standard certification

IIRCR stands for INSTITUTE OF INSPECTION, CLEANING AND RESTORATION CERTIFICATION that is a regulatory center that has set standards for the restoration of water to the previous state. The restoration of the house is enough and safety of the family is guaranteed by certified members of this organization. You should always hire trained specialists for water restoration who completely follow the standards of IIRCR to make sure that your home is dry safe and clean.

Certified technicians of IIRCR will help with;

  • Flood water
  • Sewage backup
  • Fire Damage
  • Mold removal
  • Storm damage
  • Referrals to plumber and services of repair.

How long does water restoration take?

Restoration of water damage takes about 72 hours to 2 weeks to complete this process.

Terms summed up for water restoration Damage (1)

Restoration of water means cleaning of water from beginning to the end that is items are restored back in their previous state.

  1. Water remediation: this is equivalent term used for water damage restoration. Process of water cleaning is included in water remediation, with inclusion of removal of water, drying of items and keeping the items back in their place.
  2. Water removal: it involves the removal of water from the areas that are damaged. Special equipment are used like truck mount by the professionals to remove the huge amount of water. Also dehumidifiers of commercial grade and air movers of high velocity are used.
  3. Water extraction: it is same as water removal. Specialized equipment are used to remove water by the professionals. Water extraction is sometimes refers to the extraction of water if extracted in any outside environment.
  4. Water Mitigation: a process in which amount of water is reversed and prevented in the building that causes damage. Water mitigation can be described as water removal or cleaning process of water.
  5. Flood cleanup: it means water damage occurs when the water from outside enters the house inside. Flood water is contaminated and you always need professional for the removal, sanitization and drying the floors, areas and items that are affected.

Process of Water Damage Restoration: (2)

You should contact the companies nearby for the restoration process of water. They have professionals with full expertise and equipment that will help to restore the area properly to the condition of previous stage. They have scientific approach for the removal and cleaning of water that focuses on monitoring and documenting the process of drying from start to end. Water damage event is different every time and need unique solution but general process is similar. Here are the following steps in water damage restoration.

Step-1 – Emergency contact:

When damage happens, you should call the specialist who will further guide you after many questions so they can plan a process to help you. These specialists will respond quickly and efficiently. This initial emergency contact is very important so it should be fast and effective.

Step 2- Inspection and water damage assessment:

Professionals will carefully look your property that is damaged due to water and the areas that are infected. This stage is very crucial because after inspection a careful plan is to be created so the actions taken turns into the successful restoration.

Step 3- water removal or water extraction:

Using power pumps and vacuums thousand and hundreds of gallons are removed during water extraction. This process should be started as soon as possible so further damage can be minimized and growth of mold can be prevented.

Step 4- Drying and Dehumidification.

When water bulk is removed from the area, professional uses special equipment to focus the area that is hard to access for removal of water. Less intrusive but scientific methods are used for the drying purpose and drawing the remaining of water. Air mover and dehumidifiers are used to absorb moisture from the property.

Step 5- cleaning and sanitizing

Belongings are affected by water damage belongings include clothing, furniture and other personal items. Professionals will clean the items that are restorable with number of specialized techniques of cleaning. They use antimicrobial techniques for the sanitization and odor is removed by using air scrubbers and fogging apparatus.

Step 6- Restoration

This is the final step in which your home or office is back to its previous stage. Restoration process are sometime minor or major, in minor you only need to replace few panels of drywall while in major restoration, you need major reconstruction like rebuilding the whole room or business.

Cost of Water Damage Restoration:

Cost of water damage restoration lies between 2 thousand dollars to 5 thousand dollars. Homeowner will spend average of $3,000 on water extraction if flooded bathroom and repairing of drywall is included.

Companies for Water damage Restoration.

Here are top companies for water damage restoration:

Service team of professionals:

They give their services to residential as well as commercial areas for cleaning, removing of water, drying and services of reconstruction. They have powerful equipment for restoration.

Delta Restoration Services

They provide full services of restoration. They are available 24/7.  They provide services under the standards of IIRCR.


They provide their services in 30 locations of United States. They give 24/7 services and dispatch their team within few minutes after your call. All the restoration services are provided by the company for water damage restoration.


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