A desktop computer is a device that is often used for personal and regular use at a single location like on a table desk because of its size and power requirement. The most common components that a desktop computer carries are CPU, motherboard, power supply, Hard disk, CD/DVD drive, mouse keyboard, Mouse.

Types of desktop computers:

There are basically five types of desktop computers.

  1. Full sized

These are called full-sized because there have separate display and processing components. They are most likely connected with wires or cables and wireless connections.

  1. Compact

This computer is available at a lower price than the full-sized computer. They are also smaller in size as compared to full-sized and they aren’t very appropriate for running strong applications. It is just good for web browsing, web-based applications, and documents like audio, video types.

  1. All in one

The all-in-one computer was famous in the 1980s. The internal system is the same as a full-size computer but a small footprint. They are connected to TVs for the display.

  1. Home theaters

These desktops are for professional purposes and in-home for the entertainment purpose. They are used for high display video, graphics, surround sound system and TV times. It is also used in offices and companies for presentation purposes.

  1. Thin client

With the passage of time desktop computers are being replaced with a thin client. It is smaller than other computers which makes it easy to handle. It has the capacity to use more applications.

Top-rated desktop computers

Following are some of the top-rated desktop computers.

  • All in one computer
  • Tower computers.

Minicomputers (1)

Mini fast desktop computers are good enough because of their fast speed and for other reasons. We can connect many monitors and keyboards to the computer of our choice. It is used in workspaces, businesses, and homes. It is usually used in seminars, training sessions or boardroom presentations.

It provides entertainment in the form of games, videos, films, audios, and graphics. It is mini but it can perform all the tasks related to web browsing, web access, Applications, documents processing, and audio-video playback. The best mini desktop computer according to the latest trend is Apple Mac Mini.

The new technology companies are using many features in their mini devices which can be useful. They have taken many features of laptops like web browsing media streaming min PCs, gaming and VR, etc. It can easily be taken anywhere and shows excellent performance. The most impactful feature is that it can be hidden behind the monitor and stuff in the pocket this is very helpful for official purposes and for the sake of entertainment.

All in one computer

All in one computer are also the top-rated desktop computers. It is called all in one because they have all features of the computer that everyone wishes for. As we know gaming computer with the same level of desktop performance is not easy to find and it can cost heavily. So the all in one desktop fulfill this demand with grace. It will decrease the space while saving money with all the best all in one feature. It doesn’t compromise on the performance. The best all in one desktop computer are the surface studio and iMac pro they have marvelous features like iMac has 27 inches display screen, 10th generation Inter core i5-i9 CPU graphic, and AMD Radeon pro 5300 Radeon pro 5700 XT. Their RAMs are 8-GB-128GB 2666 MH 3DD R4 and the storage is 256GB – 8TB SD.

Tower computer

It is the computer in which the internal casing is arranged in a vertical form. To allow the heat to escape more easily it forms a design of a tower. The best Tower desktop computer is Dell XPS89 .40 and the best for gaming Is HP Omen Obelisk.

The all in one best tower desktop computer is Apple iMac 5k. The dell XP89400 is second best because of the affordable price it can be bought for the family or for the official purpose as per the need. It contains a power full processor. May people can choose desktop or laptop due to their excellent performance. It has a speed up processor which enhances their performance in this regard.        

Best desktop computer brands (2)

The best brands for desktop computer are those that provide the best performance in the field of desktop computers. They include Apple iMac computer with a display screen of 21.5inches. As we know Apple is a big brand in the field of technology. It satisfies their customers very well. If anyone wants easy to use desktop, computer, Apple iMac is the best choice for that. The other brand worth mentioning is Dell Inspiron all in one desktop computer.

It is very much comparable with Apple iMac but it is less expensive than this. The next brand is HP all in one desktop computer. It has a beautiful and very impactful curve design that is heavenly good and impressive for the customer. The other brand is Microsoft Surface studio. It is an expensive brand but is far better than many computer desktops if anyone is more interested in graphic designs.

Prices of desktop computer

The price of Apple Mac Mini ranges from $639.00 – 669.99. The price of HP Pavilion is $899.00. The price of Intel NVC 9 ranges between $1242.65 – $1583.99. The price for Apple I mac is $1689.99-$1799.99 the price of dell precision 7920 Tower is for $2,219.00. The price of HP Envy 32 all in one is of $1,699.99-$2,199.99. The price of Microsoft surface studio to is $3499.99-$3.392. These are prices of all the top computer desktops.