In the United States, the largest healthcare profession is nursing. It is estimated that more than 3.1 million nurses are registered in US. Unlike other professions, the nursing profession is expected to rise up to 19%. Nurses in the hospital provide professional medical care in health care centers which are open either in schools, clinics or other health agencies. The nurses could also provide medical care and services in military. During doing these duties, nurses not only practice their profession but they also provide and satisfy the patients with high care system and case management. The management skills depend on the level of degrees which they get. (1)

To make nurses more capable and trained, during their education they not only read theoretical studies but they also practice it to make them perfect for their duties. They usually take their education from experienced nursing teachers and professors. In many countries, they can teach their students not only the simple nursing course but they train them about nursing in pediatric, nursing in mental care and also in post- operatory niche.

Programs for nursing degree

There are so many types of nursing education. This could be an overwhelming decision to make for those who take nursing studies. In early years, they give their students a nursing diploma not an actual degree. There are many types of nursing diplomas such as bachelor of nursing, master of nursing and doctor of nursing. The PhD degree of nursing is also available.

The degrees of nursing in United Kingdom

You can get admission in UK for training and admissions of nurses through Bachelor of nursing degree. If you want to get the admission in the college or university, you have to select the field of nursing as child, those with disabilities, elders and mental health etc. If you want a nurse student, then you have to pass the test which is based on specific subjects, including English, math and any other science subject.

In these subjects, you have to achieve at least a grade C. (2) You can also have the grade C in A-Level which contains three subjects. Many universities require higher grades because of the increasing competition. When students register in nursing college, they have a successful interview, and the initial study starts. In the beginning, they start studying “core” for the first year; they learn the basics of the nursing which is all that is absolutely necessary for all above fields. After completing one year, they then start studying and focus on the actual field which they want to specialize in. After completing their degree, they should apply to the different departments to get a full-time job.

The applicant must be registered with NMC as a registered nurse. In the field of practice they get the rank of RNMH and others according to their qualification. After completing their qualifications, they need to register their degree with the relevant department. After completing the process of registration, they become a registered nurse. In order to get the license for nursing they should meet the criteria which is specified by the governing body of the country.

Salary of a nurse

When you become a trained and licensed nurse, there are so many benefits which you get from it. The first personal benefit is that you get more respect in this field as it is considered to be a noble profession all around the globe. As nurses are always on higher demands, that’s why you have a higher chance of getting a job as soon as you complete the degree. Because having the degree of nurse, you have many employment possibilities. Many categories fall under this field and there are more options for getting or choosing the suitable field for themselves. Being a nurse at anywhere in hospitals, clinics or another care centers, the patients get benefits from them.

The jobs for the registered nurses are projected high by fifteen percent during 2016-2026.  This is the highest average as compared to the other professions. This rate is high because of the increasing rate in illness, chronic diseases etc. It is estimated that the highest rate of paid nurse are in California, United States. That’s why California is considered as high rated for paying to nurses. According to BLS, the average salary of the nurses which is paid as of June 2020 is about eighty thousand dollars per year ($80,000).

Best online nursing programs

Before entering any health care system, nurses help to cure and to decrease the level of illness. The nurses can help to manage all group ages or mental or disabled patients for their fast recovery. Many nurses work in hospitals, clinics and other in healthcare centres. It is necessary to give them high technical education to take proper care of the patients. As some students are unable to join college or university to get degree of nursing. Therefore, there are some universities that solve the problems of such students. They make an online curriculum to make study at home much easier. You can take your class online but before joining an online college for admission, you have to check which college is best for you.

Also check with the local or provincial governing body to see whether the online nursing program would help you pursue higher education or not. Since nursing is a highly practical field, it’s recommended to get admission in a school that offers education in physical classes rather than online. However, it’s always a great idea to improve your theoretical knowledge of nursing by studying online.