Introduction: – It is basically a serious mental disorder. It is the mixture of hallucinations, delusions and thinking at extreme level which effects the normal functions of life of the victim.

Causes: – The exact causes of schizophrenia are still unknown but the factors involved in schizophrenia include

  • Biological factors
  • Genetic factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Brain abnormality.

Brain abnormality: – As the research shows that the brain of normal person is quite different from the brain of a schizophrenia patient. In this situation, some chemicals of brain do not work well and this makes toxic chemicals like neurotransmitters. This controls thinking and behavior of the body of the victim.

Genetics: – It is also an inherited disease. If it is running in patient’s family it can increase the risk of patient getting schizophrenia as well. If patient’s family like father, mother and forefathers have suffered from this disease, it increase the chances of this disease getting transferred to the newer generations.

Environmental factors: – There are many environmental factors which effect schizophrenia in patients like infections, marijuana or high stress can flare-up these disease. It also occurs in those situations when body undergoes from hormonal change during teens and young age but the most common factor is genes. It is genetically transmitted disease and can affect any person but most likely, it occurs in early age like 20s. It occurs in men and women equally but schizophrenia occurs in men in earlier stages. It contains more severe symptoms that lead to severe conditions.

Diagnosis (1): – If someone is suffering from this condition, he/she must visit the doctor. Doctors will ask complete medical history and/or related questions to that. Sometimes, doctors ask to perform a physical exam to confirm the current condition. Doctors will also suggest some blood test or brain imaging test to measure the schizophrenia in patients. Because physical illness also causes the symptoms of schizophrenia after the diagnosis, the doctors will suggest psychologist to treat the schizophrenia in patients. They will do some interviews or assessments to diagnose the current mental health of the patient.

Signs: – There are some early signs of schizophrenia. It usually occurs in late teen. It usually occurs in women between 20s or 30s. The early signs include.

A trouble in concentration

  • Temper flares.
  • Social withdrawal.
  • Difficulty in sleeping.
  • A change in grades.

These are the early signs that lead to schizophrenia in patients.

Symptoms: – The symptoms which are not based on reality are called positive symptoms. These are not mean good symptoms. These symptoms include:

Hallucination: – it usually includes in hearing some strange voices which are not basically not real. It also includes in seeing someone which is not real either. Its unreal situation gives command to the patient of schizophrenia. For the patients, these hallucinations are 100% true as if they are happening in real life.

Catatonia: – It is the condition which is very severe and dangerous and patients stop talking and speaking, and their body gets stuck in one position for a long time.

Delusion: – In this, patients will hear their thoughts and they feel they are either god or devil. But the situation is unreal and there is no reality in question.

Negative symptoms: – these symptoms are based on the situation where there is absence of normal behavior in people. This includes

  • Lack of emotions.
  • Lack in motivation.
  • Poor hygiene.
  • Less energy.
  • Lose pressure and interest in the life.

Cognitive symptoms: – These are the symptoms that include some weird situations like.

  • Understanding information and using them to make decisions.
  • Focusing and paying attention.
  • Working memory like using their information immediately.
  • Recognition of their problems.

Disorganized symptoms: – these are the symptoms that clearly show that patient is not able to think clearly or respond to the situations. These include.

  • Moving slowly.
  • Writing unusual words that wouldn’t make any sense.
  • Talking unusual sentences that no even make any senses or using non sense word.
  • Forgetting things and thoughts.
  • Shift from one mood to another without any sense.
  • Repeating gesture or motions.

Treatment (2): – There are many treatment which can decrease the risk of getting schizophrenia these includes.

  • CSC
  • Psychosocial
  • Hospitalizations
  • ECT

CSC: – This s the treatment which involves medication and therapy both. This is the first stage of schizophrenia.

The family of the victim should get involved in this situation as much as it can. Early treatment can help the patient to lead a healthy life.

Psychosocial therapy: – As the research shows that medication also helps in treating schizophrenia. In this therapy, patient will learn how to manage symptoms, identify warning signs. This helps in treating schizophrenia very well. Rehabilitation helps people to live an independent life. It includes job training, social skill to treat with schizophrenia. It also helps in building faith and motivation in patient’s mind as well. Cognitive remediation also helps in treating schizophrenia. It commonly involves drills, coaching and computer based exercises to improve mental status and health. It also helps in providing attention, memory, planning and organization. Family therapy usually helps very much in the schizophrenia the family members help patients to overcome their stress to improve their medical status.

Hospitalizations: – It helps in treating schizophrenia very much. Hospital is the best option for treating schizophrenia as it helps in providing best treatment for schizophrenia patients. It is best option for people who have severe symptoms, who want to commit suicide, who can’t take care of themselves.

ETC: – It provides best treatment to patient and in this situation doctor will give electric shock to the patient under control circumstances. The electrodes are attach to the scalp of the patients to give them shock to activate the brain. This treatment is required in 2 to 3 days in a week. As the research shows that ECT have proven to be good for the schizophrenia as compared to the bipolar and depression.